{all}{trans2}{neuter3} Wild Weekend

22. June 2022 @ 20:00

It will be WILD!                                                                             powerd by CCH
Wild Weekend is our sex party for couples and singles of all sexual orientations and genders.

Admission: 22,-€  ( plus 10,-€ minimum drink consumption per person ) , in the Club Culture Houze is still classically paid with cash, credit card payment is not possible with us.

This party is for straight, queer, gay, lesbian, trans and of course everyone in between, all are welcome here and we create together a safe space in which everyone can feel comfortable and live out. Whether poly, vanilla, naked in bondage, fucking in rubber… it becomes “multisexual” indeterminate and unpredictable. The wonderfully unpredictable human factor is wild and exuberant.
Detached from any concretization, new facets of pleasure arise …just a wild weekend pleasure. An evening for new experiences and for the enrichment of sexual preferences. Throw off your constraints and surrender to the spell of the unknown, because it’s never too late for something new!

For a successful party, a suitable outfit is absolutely necessary. It is important that YOU feel comfortable, but others also with you. Be WILD and appear sexy, colorful, erotic or antasievoller evening dress. You can change after your arrival at the Houze. We do not accept ordinary street clothes! Please no bathing shoes with cotton slippers or towel straps.

————  +++++  ——————-  +++++   ——————-  +++++   ————-

Das Club Culture Houze freut sich, diese Party zu präsentieren. Anregungen und Ideen der Inhalte dieser Veranstaltung ist Team-intern entstanden. Unser Barkeeper haben zudem eine Awareness-Funktion für euch. Also scheut euch nicht, diese zu nutzen, sollte es Bedarf geben. 

Safer Spaces zu schaffen geht leider nur durch Exklusion. Für uns ist wertschätzendes positives Verhalten wichtig; ausgrenzende, ab- und bewertendes Verhalten dulden wir nicht. Achtet auf die Ausrichtung & lest die Partybeschreibung, um Enttäuschungen an der Tür final zu vermeiden.