Please note!

We at Club Culture Houze want to create a safer space with you, where we all feel comfortable. Finally there are no more restrictions. We don’t think it will stay like this. So check back here every now and then to make sure everything fits.

We rely on everyone’s sanity to make us all feel good together. If you have hay fever, please bring a daily test to make sure we let you in. If you have cold symptoms, please cure yourself at home. We will take your body temperature at the entrance.

When you arrive at the Houze, you can change here. Our rooms are equipped with ventilation and filtration systems. There is an extra smoking room. We still use the classic cash payment method and tipping is an old-fashioned but friendly sign of appreciation.

So let’s linger together, create a safe space, and slide through the evening in good spirits.

Stay healthy, see you soon.
Club Culture Houze Team