Thank you very much for walking this difficult path with us. We now wish for a more relaxed time with you. In the meantime, we have had to accept hefty rent increases, finally found great employees after a long search, gathered a great fresh team, increased wages, recalculated rising energy costs, fended off cyber attacks, replaced more ecological / sustainable consumer goods. So a lot has changed and yet, against the trend, we try to stay small and private. This has become a really expensive luxury, it seems.

We had to adjust our prices to the changed conditions in order to maintain the Culture Houze. So this remains a small, private, safe space with a special, horny and intimate feel-good atmosphere. We try to walk the tightrope of keeping it a place that everyone can afford. We are also fighting the battle against displacement, against more commercial enterprises than a small Berlin club.

We try to use our purchasing power as socially, ecologically, sustainably and responsibly as possible. It is therefore important to us that we work together with regional, smaller companies in our neighbourhood. We also pay attention to recyclable materials, little outer packaging, justifiable company policies, glass bottles etc. . However, we and our guests have favourite products that could not, should not or would not be replaced. This is an eternal process that will continue to develop.

If you would like to celebrate an event or your birthday with us, just send us an email. Of course, you can also rent our rooms for photo shoots, filming or private meetings. If you’re looking for a regular or irregular place to meet like-minded people, hold workshops or readings, we’re open to many things that will liven up our rooms even more. Have a look at our pages, maybe there is something that interests you. New or old familiar…

For a faster search, we have assigned gender icons to the events. This is only to facilitate your search. The icon assignment refers to the orientation of the event, not your own definition. It means the kind of sexual contact with people you are looking for. To make it clear: e.g. gay is not a gender, it is a sexual orientation, so of course transmen are just as welcome who are interested in MSM.

Thank you for accompanying us for so long.

Stay healthy, see you soon.
Club Culture Houze Team