Hygiene Concept

We at Culture Houze want to offer you a safe experience, whether it be a simple visit to our café or an event that we offer as part of our current café operations or otherwise. We have therefore drawn up a hygiene concept and ask you to adhere to it. We ourselves will also ensure that it is observed. Thank you very much and get through this time well!
General hygiene concept according to the Corona-

In the Culture Houze the AHA rules apply: Distance, hygiene, everyday mask. There is also a registration requirement – we ask you to leave your name & contact details with each visit. We will give you the corresponding individual slips of paper at the table. The data will be kept locked for 4 weeks in compliance with the DSGVO (basic data protection regulation). In case of an infection we will forward the data to the responsible health office. Afterwards the envelopes are put into the fire.

If you have had contact with a positive tested Covid-19 patient within the last 14 days and/or show symptoms of a cold or fever, we ask you not to visit Culture Houze. Please note the following for your visit:

Distance: Keep a minimum distance of 1.5m from other people, unless they fall within the group of people classified as permitted for close contact under the current Corona Regulation. In addition, only a limited number of people may stay at the Culture Houze. The number of these is based on a newly issued guideline for calculating the area and is based on the size of the room. We make sure that the maximum number is not exceeded and will allow you to wait a short time before you are allowed into Culture Houze.

Mask: If you cannot keep the minimum distance, e.g. on paths through Culture Houze, to/to the loo, etc., wear a mask. In order to avoid having to calculate distances all the time, we make it easy for you and tell you: generally wear a mask indoors! This way you can concentrate on your surroundings, on the sexy furnishings and equipment that can be seen at Culture Houze.

Once you have found a permanent place to stay inside, you can drop your masks. – only mask is compulsory, the rest is free skating 🙂
Washing your hands: not only before/ after sex and a visit to the toilet, but also at all & very often. Disinfectant is available in the washrooms as usual.

Oh, and our ventilation system! It’s great, because it’s really good and blows air from inside the Culture Houze up to the roof. And draws in fresh air from there. That’s pretty expensive, eats up a lot of electricity – so you’re welcome to put some fresh air charcoal in the donation box at the bar. All in all, we think that with the current state of knowledge and following this hygiene concept, infection with Corona (Covid19) is almost impossible.

This is great and makes us and you feel all the more relaxed at Culture Houze – so stay and be welcome again any time.almost impossible.