Hello my dears,

As soon as we are allowed to start, the numbers go up again… To give you a good feeling, we very conscientiously check all certificates and persons entering the club. Currently we check the body temperature at the entrance and ask for your understanding that people with cold symptoms can not be granted admission.

If you have the possibility to support us, it helps us a lot, because it will take a while until we can realise our events in the club as usual. We always try to adapt to the current situation.

Unfortunately, our financial situation remains somewhat strained, as it is unclear whether further aid will be Please note that from Friday 26 November 2021 you will also need an up-to-date test (from your employer or a rapid test centre). In exceptional cases, you can also do a self-test at our door for 5,-€. Please understand that we cannot offer this service free of charge. Please allow 20 minutes for this.

It is important to all team members of Club Culture Houze that they also do an appropriate test on each day to create a safe space with you during this special time.

We do not want to exclude anyone, but we are not allowed to determine that, we have to follow the guidelines of the Senate. It may be that all visitors need a test, or that only vaccinated persons are allowed to enter. We do not agree with this at all, but we will have to submit to this political decision. Until we are allowed to decide for ourselves again.

A photo document and the electronic vaccination certificate are required for registration. You can check in with the Corona Warn App , the Luca App or manually with a piece of paper. (Please use the guest registration PDF to print out yourself).

Exact information about the conditions under which each day takes place is always available. The appropriate hygiene concept is clearly visible on the door. As there are always many changes and we have to adapt this to each day, we ask for your understanding that we do not publish our hygiene concepts here.

Unfortunately, our financial situation remains tense, as we have not yet been able to build up a financial buffer. We try with great conscientiousness to give you a good feeling. If you can and want to support us, please click on support. Stay our guests so that we don’t have to tremble again.

We will currently only welcome 50% of the permitted guests to our events. Of course, the club is equipped with ventilation and appropriate air filtration systems.

A safe space is now even more important to us than ever before. Therefore, we will implement this with all our strength and good humour for and with you.

Veronika and Team

Welcome to Club Culture Houze!

There was a time before Corona…

To describe our club with just a few words is almost impossible. Therefore you can catch a glimpse of it down below, which offers the possibility to get to know us a little better.

With a great love to detail we try to create a place to feel comfortable and free for each guest and every evening. We organize sex parties for all orientations and genders, to offer a platform for all hedonists and to cultivate sensual sex. Several play grounds for maximum 49 people on two floors and our cozy bar to relax and socialize will not leave any room for a dull moment.

Groping in the dark is, darkroom excepted, not necessary. All rooms are illuminated by subtle light installations, so man / woman / human can recognize his opponent in an erotic mood. Only the subs will feel uncomfortable in the club, if their doms allow.

We play background music from Electro & House to Global classics, depending on the event. Our movie theatre will offer some inspiration if needed.

After a warm and personal welcome you can store your street clothes in our wardrobe and leave your personal belongings in a safe place behind our bar.

Condoms, lubricant, gloves and other safersex utensils are available for free at the bar. Equipment (whips, ropes, slings etc.) for all cosmo-erotic game types invite you to try something new. If sex makes you hungry some sweet treats are waiting for you.

We offer parties for all sexual orientations so the dresscode is ruled by the parties … we are sure that you will find the oppurtunity to style your favorite fetish. Imagination knows no boundaries!

Unobtrusive and respectful behavior is our premise and will be prosecuted by us as well as by our guests. Before long the stress of everyday life will slip away and the basis for an unforgettable evening is created.

Let’s play!