Welcome to Club Culture Houze,

It is almost impossible to describe our club in just a few words. Culture Houze has been around for 25 years now, so here is a little insight that gives you the opportunity to get to know us.¬†It hasn’t always been easy, especially in the last few years, but we’ve found our feet again, in the here and now. Our team is starting a new era, rejuvenated, with you. The people who work here are as various backgrounds and identities and are as openminded as our events and visitors.

With attention to detail, we try to create a place for everyone to feel comfortable and let go on all nights. Whether you’re new to the scene or an old hand, we have sooo many different parties and organise sex parties for all orientations and genders to cultivate lustful sex and offer all hedonists a platform. You won’t get bored with us, because in addition to our cosy bar where you can linger and get to know each other, we have a wide variety of rooms on two floors for you to play in. For a quicker search of the programme, we have assigned gender icons to the events. You can find further explanations under News.

Groping in the dark is not necessary, except in the darkroom. All rooms are set in scene by discreet light installations so the persons can recognise each other counterpart in an erotic mood. The club is uncomfortable for subs at most, if the doms want it. Depending on the event, light electro beats are played as background music, sometimes chilled and sometimes animating. You can get inspired in our video room.

We give smaller groups and fetishes a space and try to interact convention-free. To create a space free of judgement, where people can be what they want to be, and to create a safer space with you, far away from conventions and the usual. If you are looking for space yourself, just contact us.

Street clothes can be stowed in our cloakroom after a personal greeting and valuables can be deposited at the bar. Since we offer parties for all sexual orientations, the dress code depends on the parties, so there is no limit to your imagination! Of course you can change at the Houze. However, you can only pay with cash. Card payments are NOT possible.

Condoms, lubricant, gloves and other safe sex utensils are available free of charge at our bar. Equipment (whips, ropes, slings, etc.) for all kinds of cosmo-erotic play is available and invites you to try something new. A small snack buffet at the bar provides new energy when sex whets your appetite for more.

Unobtrusive and respectful interaction is one of our promises and is followed by us as well as the guests. The stress of everyday life will quickly roll off you and the basis for an unforgettable evening is quickly created.

So we will implement this with all our strength and good humour for and with you, in order to slide relaxed through the different evenings with you.

Club Culture Houze Team