Welcome to Club Culture Houze,

Club Culture Houze has been around for 25 years now. With experience and attention to detail, we try to create a place for everyone to feel comfortable and let go at all events. Whether you are new to the scene or an old hand, we welcome you. We have various offers and organise sex partys for all orientations and genders to cultivate pleasurable sex and offer you as a sensual person an appropriate platform.

In addition to our cosy bar where you can linger and get to know each other, there are various rooms on two floors for you to play in. Groping in the dark is not necessary except in the darkroom: All of the rooms have been designed with subtle lighting installations so that men/women/people can recognise each other in an erotic mood. It only gets uncomfortable in the club for subs and bottoms if the doms and masters want it that way. Depending on the event, light electro beats are played in the background, sometimes chilled, sometimes stimulating. You can also find inspiration in our video room.

Our club is far removed from conventions and the usual. Street clothes can be stowed in our wardrobe after a personal welcome and valuables can be deposited at the bar. As we offer different parties for many sexual orientations, the dress code depends on the respective event. There are no limits to your imagination! Come in your outfit or bring it with you and change at the Houze. Please note: You can only pay with cash. Card payment is NOT possible.

Condoms, lubricant, gloves and other safe sex utensils are available free of charge at our bar. Equipment (whips, ropes, slings etc.) for all types of erotic play is available and invites you to try something new. A small snack buffet at the bar provides new energy if sex whets your appetite for more. The stress of everyday life will quickly roll off you, because our club provides the basis for an unforgettable evening.

We as a team are available to you as contact persons with an awareness function, also for suggestions and content of events. Get to know us on the “Team” page! The people who work here are as colourful and mixed as our events and visitors: from gay, trans and lesbian to heteroflexible and wildly mixed. All our events reflect this.

Together with all of you, we create a safer space. For us, this includes respectful interaction with each other and appreciative, positive behaviour towards the many varieties of sexuality. In order to offer this space, we take good care at the door to ensure that all visitors feel comfortable at the respective party. We also do not tolerate any exclusionary, derogatory or judgemental behaviour.

To make it easier for you to find the best events for you, we use gender icons in our event descriptions. When assigning icons, we mean the orientation of the event, not your own definition. The icons describe the type of sexual contact with people that you are looking for. To clarify: e.g. “gay” is not a gender, but a sexual orientation – so trans men who are interested in MSM are of course just as welcome.

We give smaller groups and fetishes a space and try to interact without conventions and create a judgement-free environment in which people can be what they want to be. If you are looking for a room or want to organise a new event at Culture Houze, please contact us by email.

You can rent the club if you would like to celebrate an event or your birthday with us. Our rooms can of course also be hired for photo shoots, film shoots or private meetings. If you are looking for a regular or irregular venue for meetings with like-minded people, workshops or readings: We are open to all sorts of things that will liven up our rooms even more. Take a look through our pages; maybe there’s something that interests you, new or familiar.

We try to use our purchasing power as socially, ecologically, sustainably and responsibly as possible. It is therefore important to us that we work with regional, smaller companies in our neighbourhood. We also pay attention to recyclable materials, less outer packaging, responsible company policies, glass bottles instead of plastic bottles, etc. There are always innovations, even if not all of our guests’ wishes and favourite products can be implemented according to these criteria. This is a process that is constantly evolving – as are we as a club as a whole.

With all our strength and good humour, we try to continue to offer you a wonderful place where you can enjoy your sexual playfulness. We organise partys with and for you, where pleasure is and should be at the forefront. We hope you have a great time with us and that you have a relaxed evening together.

Let’s play

Club Culture Houze Team