{lesbian}{neuter2}{trans3}Spoil – Bar

11. June 2021 @ 14:00 – 19:00

Spoil – Bar / Verwöhn – Bar

Our Indulgence Bar is a talk and sex party for women, lesbians, trans people and intersex people who are experienced, want to open up more or are shy and have no experience with sex parties. In order to get into conversation and enjoy the afternoon on different levels, we have raffles with funny prizes for your mood, some snacks to flatter your mind and massage oil to pamper your body. Towels to put underneath and cosy corners invite you to pamper each other.

From 2 pm entry for women only*_ lesbian_intersexual_nonbinary_trans*for 15,-€ ( plus 7,-€ minimum drink consumption), we still use the classic cash payment method.

The entrance fee includes a raffle ticket for an erotic gnome prize. There are no rivets, but the prizes are assorted lost and found, erotic, funny trash and you need a lot of humour ….. Be curious and let us surprise you.

At around 15:30 we will offer a get-to-know-you session for anyone who wants to.

If you’ve had enough of talking at the bar, you can change levels with like-minded people at any time. Those who prefer to enjoy the sexy sound with coffee and lemonade may sink into the cushions and relax. This party is open to everything that contributes to a lustful, erotically relaxed and happy afternoon.

7pm: Time’s up – we may see you again next Saturday afternoon.

If you’ve never been to Houze before, this is a great chance to get to know the place, say hello – and even start fantasising about future events.

This party is facilitated by Culture Houze, but we would be happy to have an independent organiser. If you would like to host a FLINTA** party or would like to have your own format, just write to us, we would be very happy.