Pump Up – vacuum pump workshop

22. September 2023 @ 16:00 – 19:00

Pump Up – vacuum pump workshop                                      powered by CCH

Workshop duration 16-19h  it starts, entrance 45,-€, in the Club Culture Houze is still paid classically with cash, credit card payment is not possible here.

If you want to stay after the workshop, you will have time to test and play after the workshop and get a reduced price of 20,-€ (incl. 10,-€ drinks). Stay 19 – 0:00 h.

Who is doing this workshop:


Content of the workshop:
Playing with pumps
The workshop includes the theory of pumps, whether hand pumps or electric, the equipment technology and the biological effect on the body. The “why, why, why – where
Experimenting with pumps on various parts of the body.
l effect on the body. The “why, why, why” …. and also the “why and what not”.
After the grey theory, this is demonstrated using a living example. Attendees can also try out various devices on themselves, which are presented in advance in terms of their effect and operation.
Here they can test how pumps can be used on different parts of the body.

Ino of the evening:
The Culture Houze crew will accompany you through this evening and be on hand with advice. Today is the time to experiment as a couple or alone – just give it a try…. We have also invited experts and specialists especially for the workshops.
Pumping – Is it pure LUST? Do you just want to try it out? Which pumps are a cool toy? … put some pressure on it…. But what should you not do? We’ll find out in this workshop.
So come to Pump Night and let off some pressure.

Outfit, yes please:
It is important that YOU feel comfortable, but also that others feel comfortable with you!
You can change after you arrive at the Houze.

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The Club Culture Houze team is delighted to present this party. Suggestions and ideas for the content of this event came from within the team. Our bartenders also have an awareness function for you. So don’t be afraid to use it if there is a need.

Unfortunately, creating safer spaces is only possible through exclusion. For us, appreciative positive behaviour is important; we do not tolerate exclusionary, derogatory and judgmental behaviour. Pay attention to the orientation & read the party description to avoid disappointment at the door.