11. May 2023 @ 20:00

NIEDER !                                                   hosted by APK

Start at 20:00h

Admission: 68,-€ including all drinks & buffet , at Club Culture Houze we only pay with cash, credit card payment is not possible.

From now on you no longer need to think about money! Everything is really included here. Alcoholic and soft drinks as well as a cold buffet at the beginning of the evening, followed by a fruit buffet and sweets.
Now the generous play areas with slings, gynaecological chairs, play stations, St Andrew’s crosses up to the fuck buck will be shown. Other Lady’s & Dom’s are invited to harness the Bottoms present and take them into their service.

The separate smoking area, with its own ventilation and hopefully always closed door, small towels, toiletries, condoms are of course included in the entrance fee. You can borrow whips, crops and other equipment at the bar.

  • No gender-specific prices. We are a queer space and do not discriminate against anyone based on their gender.
  • Ignore the external registration. We carefully select our guests on site. There is no prior entry authorisation.
  • Our awareness team and night guides are permanently on site and are available for you at all times.
  • Observe the mobile phone ban, hand in your mobile phone at the bar!
  • Homophobia, misogyny, racism, hostility towards the disabled, classism and transphobia are not tolerated at Anonymous Party Collective events.

We require creative and sex-positive clothing (not necessarily leather or latex!). We want you to come in the outfit you feel comfortable and sexy in. Halloween, make-up, scary, creative and yet sexy.
What you need to bring: bring your own toys and a big towel if you need one.

THE CLUB CULTURE HOUZE OFFERS : enough space on 2 floors for all sports enthusiasts.
sports enthusiasts and is equipped with various gym chairs, slings,
sunbathing lawns, trestle, cross and play areas. Of course there is
there is also a nice bar area where you can just have a chat.
can. Smoking room, video room and a massage corner are also available.
available. The play areas are open-plan.
The smoking area is located in the basement and is rather small, well
well ventilated and has fans and air filters. Also in the basement
are the toilets and showers.
The entire club is equipped with air exchangers and roof ventilation.
and ventilation. The lighting in the games rooms is provided by low-level
ambient lighting
There are a few different coloured lights, the main playing areas are relatively
relatively dark and the corridors are lit with low ambient light.
The music is usually electro or trance style music
trance-style music, but it is in the background rather than centre stage and
is not particularly loud.

How to find us:
Access to the venue is possible by public transport.
public transport
It is possible to park near the venue for a fee.
parking for a fee near the venue.

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Club Culture Houze is only providing the venue and bar for this event. The wording, pricing, intent and content are based on the ideas and responsibilities of the hosts of this event.