{lesbian}{trans2}Schöner Ficken

10. December 2021 @ 14:00 – 19:00

Schöner Ficken – we want to know: Do you fuck more beautiful on Saturday afternoons, too? Our first edition of Schöner ficken was in August: Schöner Ficken. Now we repeat the party, for a Schöner Ficken towrads the end of the year – yeah!

From 2 pm entry for women only*_ lesbian_intersexual_nonbinary_trans*

for 14,-€ ( plus 6,-€ minimum drink consumption), we still use the classic cash payment method.

Schöner Ficken

Standing around cool at parties is over. At Schöner Ficken we are not cool at all, and also we don’t just stand around and wait for cool things to happen. Instead we … fuck. And somehow schöner – more beautiful!

More beautiful – schöner: an attractive quality that gives pleasure to those who experience it or think about it, see it, touch it, smell it, hear it; an aesthetic sensation, very pleasantly, pleasure evoking … schön, BEAUTIFUL!

Ficken – fuck: to love, to make love, to be intimate, to sleep with each other, to copulate, to have sex, to jump into bed together, screw, shag, bang, bonk, get it on, hump, mate, fornicate, get down to it – oh, so many options to FUCK!

Uncool: Somehow parties are often way too cool, we think. We don’t like that, and therefore call for way more uncoolness. You don’t have to prove yourself at our party, you don’t have to look better than others, you don’t have to be more mysterious, you don’t have to make yourself unavailable and supercool – in fact, we love people who are totally uncool, who blush and stumble over their feet, who don’t know how to flirt like the coolest hottie in town, people who rather laugh than be cool – yeah, UNCOOL!

So let’s go: let’s be uncool, and fuck, and all of it SCHÖNER.

Schöner Ficken Bonus:
We have real uncool prices to give away – to the uncoolest person at the party. Also counts for the way you dress: uncool is very much appreciated by us.

Schöner Ficken: party for women*, lesbians, inter, trans*, non-binary uncool fuckers – yeah!