2. December 2023 @ 14:00 – 19:00


Saturday afternoon, 2-7 pm

Main admission 2-2.30pm

Doors open 2pm. We would be glad if you come between 2pm and 2.30pm. You will be glad, too, since for this half hour we’ll keep an eye on the door. If you come later you might have to wait a bit to get in, since we might be off flitterflattering through the party ourselves :-))

Special today: Admission 16,- € – ( plus 7,- € for drinks )  , 1 raffle ticket is included in the admission: really cool toys, SM stuff, videos & more from the Culture Houze collection.

In the 18th century, “Flittchen” were “loose girls”, flirting, bed hopping floozies. And in the 21st century? Still, but not only girls: also grown women, lesbians, inter-, trans*, non-binary, queer people flirt-flatter and hop around – at our new FLI*T*chen event.

Come and flitter-flutter-hop with us!

Once a month we offer our location to you FLI*T*chen, provide room and shelter to meet and great and get to know each other, to slapper, to dapper, to philander, to flirt, feel and touch … or to simply lean back and enjoy the sight, sound, smell and company of others flitter-flatter-floating through the Culture Houze in true FLI*T*chen manner.

FLI*T*chen is also “Flitterwochen” – the “honeymoon”: the weeks after meeting, falling in love, getting married. At FLI*T*chen the honeymoon is just a few hours rather than weeks, 2-7pm:

7pm: Time is up, unfortunately – see you next time at FLI*T*chen: every 1st Saturday of the month.

Dresscode: Well, what makes you feel sexy? Like being on an adventure, a kink night out? Looking for cuddles, or for plain s*x, for flirting, for …? What makes you feel desirable? That’s how you should dress :–=)

FLI*T*chen: for women, lesbians, trans, inter, non-binary, for bitches, butches, dykes and divas, bois and femmes, gentlewomen* and dildomen* … the list is long. You’ll fit in, so come along!

This party is facilitated by Culture Houze, but we would be happy to have an independent organiser. If you would like to host a FLINTA** party or would like to have your own format, just write to us, we would be very happy.