{all}{trans2}{zero3}Adam & Eve im Lustgarten – Bi Night

3. November 2021 @ 20:00

Adam & Eve im Lustgarten – Bi Night im Culture Houze

every Wednesday from 20:00 h

Prices for Eve / FLINT*  10,-€ ( or an apple ), Adam 25,-€ , Paare 30,-€ ( plus 10,-€ minimum drink consumption per Person ) in the Club Culture Houze is still classically paid with cash, credit card payment is not possible with us.

If needed, to better connect, we often play a dice game at the beginning of the evening where you can roll a dice for an erotic gnome prize. This has often proved to be a unifying element of some of our parties, but the prizes are assorted lost and found, erotic, funny trash and you need a lot of humour …. Be curious and let us surprise you.

The bi sex party for gay, lesbian, straight, trans

Adam & Eve in the Lustgarten is our bi party for couples and singles with bi interests.
For a successful evening it is important to be free. So tonight it’s especially important to be open and non-judgemental and to leave room for new and known experiences. We try to create a safe space with you in which bisexuality can be experienced with the same naturalness as homo hetero sexuality, for all people regardless of gender.
Make new contacts at our cosy bar, experience space and people, enjoy distance and closeness.
Respectful interaction, non-judgemental space and safe space are especially important today!

All genders, all sexualities, bi – hetero – homo oriented people
Singles and couples
Free spirits, hedonists, self-determined – fun-loving people

Outfit is a must at a good party !
Sexy, transparent, sinful, vicious with fancy shoes.
Naked with horny sneakers.
Lingerie or frivolous with extravagant over knees …
It is important that YOU feel good, but others also feel good with you!
You can change after your arrival at the Houze.

Welcome to the event
We look forward to seeing you

Club Culture Houze Team