Big Kids Club / ABDL

7. October 2023 @ 20:00

Big Kids Club                                             hosted by BerlinerWindelstammtisch
Nappy Night at Club Culture Houze
Nappies on and go! Every two months we prepare an evening full of fun and games for you. Always with you – the Winnie on your bottom. Or somewhere else?
It doesn’t matter. You’re the director. Whether you want to chill at the bar, fiddle in the basement or do a puzzle in the corner – we offer you your safe space in the middle of the city.
ABDL – off the beaten track on the internet. With bar!

Admission: 18,- € (plus 10,- € for drinks), in the Club Culture Houze you still pay with cash, credit card payment is not possible here.

We cordially invite all nappy fans, caregivers, littles and anyone else who is interested in the topic! Unlike a “normal” regulars’ table in a public pub, we do not have to pay attention to street-suitable clothing and discretion for certain topics of conversation. This is also an open evening for everyone else.
No dress code.
Tonight is a non-commercial event *organised by the kinksters behind the “Tapes’n’Teddies”.
by fans for fans


ABDL flea market and swap meet
Clean out your wardrobe and in the best case make someone else happy? Try out a new nappy without buying a whole pack? Try on a bodysuit to find the right size? You’ve come to the right place!
At the flea market you have the opportunity to sell or exchange clothes, nappies etc. among yourselves. Please note that only non-commercial private sales are possible.


Diaper and Bondage
A captivating and sizzling evening – use the equipment available at the CCH or bring your favourite handcuffs, try out together how best to keep your nappy on or make running away impossible. Whether you’re a bondage pro, a beginner or just curious for now – come along and let yourself be tied up 🙂


ABDL story round
Snuggled up and well wrapped up listening to a spicy kinky story or listening to a bedtime story with Nukki and a cuddly toy?
An evening with potential for different kinds of stories. Feel free to bring your own favourite story (whether it’s a children’s book or a kink story) and let’s decide together what we’re in the mood for.
Lovely read-aloud voices will be provided, and anyone who would like to contribute themselves is also welcome.


Guests’ opinions:
“Many people already know each other – so the evening goes well.”
“I didn’t dare at first but everyone there was super lovely and made me feel very welcome as a newcomer to the scene.”
“The bar people are meeega!”

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Club Culture Houze is only providing the venue and bar for this event. The wording, pricing, intent and content are based on the ideas and responsibilities of the hosts of this event.