{gay}{all2}Good Naked Party!

9. July 2022 @ 20:00
Good Naked – Night Party
Starting 8pm
Admission 20,-€, ( plus 10,-€ minimum drink consumption per person ), cash only at the club.
Yes, it’s Saturday early evening, and yes, probably it’s still nice outside, so not time to sleep yeat at all – but sleeping is not the point of this party. It’s about being naked … we’ll leave you one accessory to go with your shoes. But only one…
The rest of the clothes you take off. Everyone is naked … and that’s a good thing!
Being naked: somehow harder for many women, lesbians, inter, trans*, non-binary people than for others. Why is that? We are all born naked, “we’re all born naked, the rest is drag” (Diane Torr, Drag King & Performance Artist). If you feel a bit shy, you can also wrap a feather boa around your legs as your initial piece of clothing or put on a chain mail, a see-through shirt, a hat or a tie and nothing else – as you like it. But take off your clothes, except for one piece – and try it out.
You are all welcome!