Regulars’ table and assisted drinking

Baby and Ageplay table at Club Culture Houze

Today from 19:30 the nappy and ageplay regulars’ table meets at our Club Culture Houze. Since we are among ourselves in the club where the Tapes and Teddies Party will also take place, we can talk more casually. Other perverts are also invited.

Registration is not necessary. However, the club door is not permanently open, you have to dare and ring the bell 😉 This way we create a safer space with and for you by not being looked at in a funny way if you do not want to wear street clothes.

Due to the current regulations for dealing with the coronavirus, the regulars’ table will take a slightly different course than usual. We ask you to follow the following rules:

Masks must be worn throughout the club except when sitting at the table
maximum 6 persons per table
The places should not be changed
Binding written information: Full civil name, contact details, e-mail address and/or telephone number (on individual slips of paper, no openly visible list)
We are looking forward to a nice evening despite the restrictions!

FLI*T* chen


In the 18th century, “Flittchen” were “loose girls”, flirting, bed hopping floozies. And in the 21st century? Still, but not only girls: also grown women, lesbians, inter-, trans- and non-binary people flirt-flatter and hop around – at our new FLI*T*chen event.

Come and flitter-flutter-hop with us!

Once a month we offer our location to you FLI*T*chen, provide room and shelter to meet and great and get to know each other, to slapper, to dapper, to philander, to flirt, feel and touch … or to simply lean back and enjoy the sight, sound, smell and company of others flitter-flatter-floating through the Culture Houze in true FLI*T*chen manner.

We’re keeping our FLI*T*chen event corona safe, sticking to current rules & safety measurements. To do so in style, we’ve adapted the German “Flitterwochen”, “honeymoon”, to our needs. 

A Honeymoon is the weeks after meeting, falling in love, getting married. At our FLI*T*chen event the honeymoon is just a few hours rather than weeks, and it works like that: 

2-2:30pm: Doors open & admission

3:00pm: Our FLI*T*chen introduction round: Say Hallo to all FLI*T*chen aboard the event, and decide which one(s) you want to spend your honeymoon with. You may choose a maximum of five other FLI*T*chen – the current corona measurements allow for a maximum of six people in a (flitter) group, see notes below.

Off you go – flitter, flatter!

7pm: Time is up, and we will throw you out of the flitter-flatter room, mercilessly – we need to air out the Culture Houze. 

Our super ventilation system blows the flittered air up to the top of the roof and draws in new air from there for following events/ our Sunday café.

Entrance fee: 15 €

incl. 5 € drink ticket


A maximum of 5 people is allowed in a group – this is what the current corona regulations say. So you’ll have to limit yourself to a maximum of 4 flitter partners. 

The current corona ruling also says: sexual intercourse is not allowed, whereas “intercourse” is defined as penis-penetrating. No problem for us FLI*T*chen, is it? Because with our queer, non-binary, feminist etc. identities we’re sure to come up with many other sexy possibilities than that simple “in-and-out” type of intercourse. And anyways: intercourse isn’t what our FLI*T*chen event is about. Rather, we want to celebrate sexy energy itself, flirt, flitter,glitter, flatter, float, feel and simply be, enjoy. All of this in a safe manner – so here are our corona safety measurements once more:

  • You’ll have to wear a mask inside at all times, except when you’re placed at your/ your groups place of choice
  • A maximum of 5 people to a group
  • No wandering off from group to group – decide and stick
  • You’ll have to give us your name and email address and/ or phone number for possible corona tracing, as everywhere in bars, restaurants etc. these days. We’ll provide single sheets of paper, no one else will see your data, and we’ll throw it out after the mandatory 4 weeks of keeping it 
  • Finally: please register for FLI*T*chen, so we can plan ahead and make sure the event doesn’t get crowded. Registration per email to

FLI*T*chen: for women, lesbians, trans, inter, non-binary, for bitches, butches, dykes and divas, bois and femmes, gentlewomen and dildomen … the list is long. You’ll fit in, so come along!

Lot Dance – Saviour Party

Lot Dance our little Saviour Party

Finally, there’s something at Club Culture Houze again! More than just coffee and cake, although we have made immense progress with our food menu – but it’s time for some sexy energy again.

We invite you to dance by lot!

Lottery tickets and dance, both full of energy

Generous supporters* have given us presents: sometimes a dildo, sometimes a whip, sometimes sexy clothes, and then also the main prize: a night for two persons in the SIN Berlin, the SM flat which is furnished in a relevant way. There you can go there with your partner*in and have a great time for one night.

For all these great things there are tickets. Unit price 10,- €. Every ticket wins, even if it is “only” drinks at the Culture Houze. There are no rivets. But there are even more chances – we have 80 tickets; first come, first served.

But only one raffle would be boring – so we came up with something else: Dance with your headphones! and other interesting offers.

It goes like this: Joey, dancer*in, brought headphones, two pieces. On both you can hear the same music. You get one headphone, Joey keeps one – and the intimacy capsule is ready. Dive away from the world; dive into music, into movement, into sensual dancing. Whether you dance with him or just look – you and Joey decide spontaneously.

You can give Joey your music wishes beforehand; and then make a donation to Joey for her*s services.


The headphones have a range of 10 metres, so it can go in both directions: physically close, as close as it is fitted, or at a distance. Again, you decide what you prefer. Either way: a truly unique experience; we have tried it ourselves.

You can also come to the Culture Houze on this day without tickets or dancing, enjoy the best company, breathe in some disreputable air, catch a glimpse of Joey’s headphone intimacy, or send your gaze in a different direction to other guests. We hope it will be as full as possible with the current hygiene rules. It goes without saying that we comply with them; more detailed information will be posted on site.

All proceeds will be used to stabilise our club.

The entrance is free of charge.


Snuggly Snack

Monday – Snuggly Snack

So that we can finally meet again and laugh. Let’s open every Monday 16-22:00 with outside / inside seating, with a small menu . If it’s fun and crowded, you may of course stay longer.

The 2nd half of the year will be a big challenge again. To make this happen we need your help. Support us and just come by. We are happy and very happy to finally meet you all again. Even if everything is different during this time and we have to give up our favourite habits.

Until Monday,

are looking forward to you very much

Veronika , Norbert & Team

Café – Chill – Cinema

We have renovated and rearranged a lot and are looking forward to meet you again and to inspire you in a different way, until hopefully we can organize our usual parties soon. Meet like-minded people inside and outside and enjoy the summer. Watch movies, breakfast, cake or dinner – just come around and enjoy the weekend.

We still need your help to keep all the expenses covered. We hope very much that we can do it that way.

See you on Saturday,

they are very much looking forward to seeing you

Veronika and Team
Don’t forget your mouth and nose protector when you go to the toilet, for example.


Sunday Café

Start now with our Sunday Café.

Every Sunday from 10-22:00 o’clock the terrace and kitchen is now open for you. The Café Culture Houze offers you breakfast, cake and snacks to help you cover at least part of your fixed costs. After 22:00 hrs you can finish the evening inside. Or you can stay inside in case of unusual films or bad weather.

We have renovated and rearranged a lot and are looking forward to meet you again and to inspire you in a different way until we can hopefully organize our usual parties soon.

However, we still need your help in order to be able to cover all costs. We hope very much that we can do this in this way.
See you Sunday,
Veronika and Team



Tapes & Teddies


Yoo-hoo, dears!
With a heavy heart we have to cancel the Tapes&Teddies party planned for October at Club Culture Houze.
You have the opportunity to return your tickets and get your money back. Please check the email address you used to book your ticket and follow the instructions in the email you will receive directly from the organizer.
The deadline for returning tickets is November 15th, 2020. If you don’t want to return your ticket, you can support the club with the money and help to save the club in this exceptional situation.
We sincerely hope that the CCH will emerge from the crisis unscathed and that we will be able to celebrate a great party with you there next year!
Until then take care of yourselves & stay healthy!
Your Team of Tapes&Teddies

Translated with (free version)

—- rent me ! —-

Rent me !

You want to make a Corona conform party, or have the rooms with few people for a few hours all alone. Photo shooting or filming… all this is possible at the moment. If you want another day, just ask.

Don’t hesitate, write us an email with your mobile phone number and what you want to happen and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss it.

We are happy

Club Culture Houze

Special Bi-Night

Special Bi-Night

Bi sex party gay, lesbian, straight

This special starts today at 21:00h Prices for Eve 20,-€ ( or one apple ), Adam 30,-€ ( Incl. 10,-€ for drinks ), Couples 40,-€ ( Incl. 15,-€ for drinks )

This special Bi-Night is dedicated to our couples and singles with Bi-Interest, detached from everyday life.
In order to be sexually free, it is especially important on this evening to allow room for new and familiar experiences. We try to create a safe space with you in which bisexuality can be experienced with the same naturalness as homo-hetero sexuality, for all people regardless of gender.
Colourful mixed with each other – for oneself, for two, for three, for …. may our separate and open playgrounds be ready for your lust between men & men – women & women and all together.
An evening of versatility to live out all sexual orientations. Make new contacts at our cosy bar, live your passion in our wicked play areas. Gynaecological chairs, slings, sunbathing lawns, cross, buck and much more want to be played by you on two floors. Here is the room for your lust.
Respectful handling, value-free space and saferspace are especially important today!

All Genders, All Sexualities, Bi – Hetero – Homo oriented people
singles and couples – free spirits, hedonists, self-determined – pleasure-loving people

Outfit is a must at a good party !
Sexy, transparent, sinful, vicious with fancy shoes.
Naked with horny sneakers.
Lingerie or frivolous with extravagant overknees …
It is important that YOU feel good, but others also with you!
You can change after your arrival at Houze.



Excuse me, we have a private event today. All other holidays are open again, we hope for your understanding.
Happy New Year
Club Culture Houze Team