The Empire Wanxxs Back ! – meets – FFist on , Strap on!

The empire wanxxs back – meets the queer mixed FFist Party.
It’s a Special Party tonight.
Our queer video & porn evening at the Houze… Requests for movies can be made at the bar. FFist & Porn.
Start: 8pm
Admission: 25,- € per person ( including 1 softdrink/ beer/ wine and nibbles ), cash only at the club.
We have dug up new, old and forgotten films and invite all sex positive people to inspiring common show experiences. We let the pictures work and dedicate ourselves to our own primary sexual organs. If necessary, help each other out if there is still surplus energy.
We are looking forward to a colorful masturbevening with you!

{lesbian}Women and the Machines

Women and the Machines

Tonight is our Sex Toy evening at the Houze. 

 starting at 2pm, entrance only for women*_ lesbian_intersexual_nonbinary_trans* for 15,-€ (plus 8,-€ minimum drink consumption), in the Club Culture Houze we still pay with classic cash, credit card payment is not possible here.

Want to bring your favourite toys and share and try them out with others, this is your evening. This incredible moment…. let yourself go…. Have to, do – want to. To share, enjoy and experiment for yourself or with others.

Loss of control, orgasm compulsion, or just pure LUST ? The Culture Houze puts its Sybian at your disposal tonight, just for you.

Tonight our team is ready for you, to harness you, accompany you, pick you up or beam you into the Out of Space. The Sybian is buzzing tonight until the plaster falls from the ceiling, so come and join us for this orgasmic evening.

Outfit, yes please:
Sexy, transparent, sinful, vicious, naked with pearl necklace,
lingerie or frivolous and kinky.
It is important that YOU feel good, but others also feel good with you!
You can change after your arrival at the Houze.


ForteForte Pirate Edition!

Today we turn our ForteForte film afternoon into an evening party: ForteForte Pirates Edition!
23. April 2023

Instead of the usual Saturday, ForteForte in April will take place on Sunday, 23.4.

Doors open 7pm, film screening around 8pm, party until all pirates are too tired to party

We found a treasure: a 30 year old dyke pirate movie! Maybe it’s the very first lesbian pirate movie ever, who knows. It features pirates, of course, a great ship, a map for hunting treasures, blood and tears and sword fights and sex and love and death – all the ingredients for a truly stunning pirate experience.

“Herzblut” by Alex Hai
b/w, 33min, filmed in 1982

To make it even greater, we’ll only accept pirates and related beautys in the club for the night. Expect to be tied to our whipping pole and get flogged in true pirate style if you don’t show up dressed appropriately. Please note: You will NOT be whipped if you forget your pirate outfit just in order to get whipped.

ForteForte goes Pirat!

Film Screening

Doors open 7pm
Ticket: 15 €, plus 7 € minimum drink consumption, we still use the classic cash payment method.
incl. nibbles

Forte Forte
FLINTA* Films & Talk & Lounging & Play & Sex Party
led and presented by ForteForte Team

(Queer) Feminist films of desire from the archives of the Schwules Museum Berlin  (Gay Museum) and other hidden sources. We have collected new, old, forgotten. Seen what’s missing and has to be found elsewhere. We invite women*, trans, nonbinary and intersex people to an inspired shared movie experience, where we want to let the images work, learn more about FLINT desire, production conditions and motivations. Our guest for the talks after the screenings: filmmakers, producers, performers, depending on availabitly.

While we show the film(s) in the film room, the rest of the club is open for all you sexy FLINTA* people to lounge, play, party, enjoy yourself in all the play areas.


6. May 2023

„Mommy is coming“ (2012; Engl. with German subtitles). Various guests from the movie.

24. Juni 2023,
too bougie to handle“ The new You Tube series by Monika Freinberger. Guest: director and actor Monika Freinberger + team

2. September 2023, 2-7pm
Because it was so nice, we will show you a surprise film today and want to discuss it with you…We organisers will be guests, and we have already invited other exciting people.

4. November 2023, 2-7pm

and to be continued in 2024:
6. Januar 2024, 2-7pm

Location: Club Culture Houze – one of the few sex clubs in Berlin run by women*. With FLINT events every Saturday, well equipped so also for sexy shenanigans in between, before, after, during the film ( but for some attention and thoughtful consideration of the material is asked ). Not to forget the talk with the filmmakers and other guests.

Rubber Paragraph – The Party

Rubber Paragraph – The Party

They do it again !

Admission: 18,-€ plus ( 10,-€ minimum consumption ), at Club Culture Houze we only pay with cash, credit card payment is not possible.
Link to the advance booking:

Tickets per Paypal:


To be on the safe side, please bring your paypal receipt with you. As soon as you have paid, you are automatically registered with your name on our guest list for this event.


Start: 20:00 , with latex repair workshop

Party start: 21:00, with lust and joy in & in latex

It will be a sensual and beautiful party, with the scent of rubber in the air and a pleasant feeling on the skin. Of course, there will be background music. As well as a well-stocked bar, this serves wonderful drinks and there is plenty of space and toys for your fun. You pay 28,-€. Of this amount you can use 10,-€ for drinks. We take care of a strict dress code at the door and during the party for a nice evening where everyone can feel beautiful, sexy and safe. Of course at one price for everyone.
If you come to the workshop and want to have a small spot repaired, please come with the part and a piece of latex in a suitable colour and material thickness and bring it with you. Tricks and tricks will be shown and will also serve to establish contact.

Dress code: is latex only. No other materials for clothing. Other materials are only allowed for the shoes.

All genders are welcome.

The Rubber Paragraph is a non-commercial event organised for fans, by fans.
So, have a good party


The Last Salon – Zoe’s Salon

Today is the last time Zoe welcomes you to her salon. Not only the year ends, but also the popular evening event.

from 19:00 – 1:00

Admission: 25,-€ (incl. 10,-€ drinks), in the Club Culture Houze you still pay with cash, credit card payment is not possible.

The After Work Lounge in normal everyday clothes. The topics of the evening are: sex-positive encounters, BDSM, hedonism, be open and friendly with each other. We want to say goodbye to Zoe, who will retire into her private life for the time being.

This event is for adults only!

Zoe la louve welcomes you as hostess,
For the curious, beginners, connoisseurs and scene people:
good conversations in a protected environment. An open BDSM meeting.

All genders and shades, all types of play in a small circle are welcome! Let us inspire ourselves…

A warm welcome
We are looking forward to you


{trans}{all2}{zero3}Trans & Friends

This is an afterwork LGBTQI** & Friends – Treff,
whether flirt, talk, BDSM – play, vanilla sex, toys or bizarre, this party is hosted by and with Ohlivia.
A colourful evening with a get-to-know-you round and flirt factor… Ohlivia invites you to this evening, to play, talk and more…

Admission: 15,-€ (plus 10,-€ minimum drink consumption), in the Club Culture Houze we still pay with cash, credit card payment is not possible.

Tuesday is a completely underestimated day, so come out of the drawer, let us convince you of the opposite and throw yourself into the fray.

Get to know each other, meet, chat, date – exchange on all levels -.
You have the opportunity to live out your special Omni / Pansexual inclinations in an erotic atmosphere.

To the Trans & Friends are cordially welcome : TS/TV/CD/ DWT/BI/QUEER/NONBINARY/POLY-/PANSEXUELLL/HETEROFLEXIBLE / Rigger/Bunnys/Spanker/…WHATEVER! We want all of you!
Whether swingers, bisexual people, women, bi couples, homo, transgender & friends. You have the opportunity to live out your special Omni / Pansexual inclinations in an erotic atmosphere.

Dress for Success




From May also every Sunday !!!

starts today at 18:00

Admission: 28,-€ (incl. 10,-€ drinks), in the Club Culture Houze you still pay with cash, credit card payment is not possible.

You want to live out your bi inclination with other men, or watch how real guys do it with each other? Then tonight is your night. It’s a mixed evening where women are also allowed, if they want to…

Fucking and being fucked. A lusty romp even before next week looms.

This is a party for : All Genders, All Sexualities, Bi – Homo – Hetero ( flexible ) people.
Singles and couples
Free spirits, hedonists, self-determined – fun-loving people

Outfit is a must at a good party !
Sexy, transparent, sinful, vicious with fancy shoes.
Naked with horny sneakers.
Lingerie or frivolous with extravagant over knees …
It is important that YOU feel good, but others also feel good with you!
You can change after your arrival in the Houze.

Welcome to the Houze
We look forward to seeing you
Club Culture Houze Team


{gay}WellCUM in Kreuzberg

WellCUM in X-Berg

Is a sexy and relaxed alternative to the “scene”, so with a WellCUM the Club Culture Houze invites gay and queer men of all kinds to flirt and fuck in X-Berg.

Admission 11,-€ (plus 5,-€ for minimum drink consumption) already from 18:00 at the Club Culture Houze. We still accept classic cash payments, credit card payments are not possible.

Few rules: wear your favourite fetish look or nothing at all – just bring a positive and horny attitude and be ready for fun.

The Houze offers 2 floors of space for plenty of fun and is equipped with various gynochairs, slings, recliners, trestle, cross and play areas. From vanilla to BDSM, everything is possible today!

Of course, there is also a nice bar area where you can just chat.

Gay only, stay hot

Autsch! Ouch!

Ouch! Let’s play

This party gives room for dirty perversions, nasty & rotten acts, intentional BDSM disciples, kinky-vanilla sex lovers and everything that is possible in the context of SSC. Welcome are all people who openly meet in mutual positive exchange, as well as poly and pansexual people who feel themselves to belong to the LGBTQ scene, or are at least heteroflexible.

Admission is 18,-€ ( according to self-assessment plus 10,-€ minimum drink consumption )

Drop in & drop out, come in and stay at any time you like, whether for 10 minutes or the whole evening, enjoy your time at our party, it’s all right. You are very welcome! We don’t have a set door time that you have to be there. You can expect us to close the party around 0 o’clock.

Consent is a must for all games at our party, we do not tolerate racist, anti-semitic, homophobic, sexist, transphobic, bodychaming comments or any other kind of judgmental behaviour or inappropriate comments.

It is important that everyone has time and space for their own play without being judged.

Pre-registration is not necessary, but there will be an appropriate door selection. Nice & friendly as well as open-minded and a creative outfit is a prerequisite for participation.

presented by the anonymes Party Kollektiv