{gay}WellCUM in Kreuzberg

3. November 2022 @ 18:00 – 4. November 2022 @ 00:00

WellCUM in X-Berg                                                                      powerd by CCH

Is a sexy and relaxed alternative to the “scene”, so with a WellCUM the Club Culture Houze invites gay and queer men of all kinds to flirt and fuck in X-Berg.

Admission 11,-€ (plus 6,-€ for minimum drink consumption) already from 18:00 at the Club Culture Houze. We still accept classic cash payments, credit card payments are not possible.

Few rules: wear your favourite fetish look or nothing at all – just bring a positive and horny attitude and be ready for fun.

The Houze offers 2 floors of space for plenty of fun and is equipped with various gynochairs, slings, recliners, trestle, cross and play areas. From vanilla to BDSM, everything is possible today!

Of course, there is also a nice bar area where you can just chat.

Gay only, stay hot

A different gay party every Thursday at HOUZE:
1st Thursday : Sports & Underwear – the party for everyone who gets into sneakers and sportswear, who simply feels more comfortable in them and likes to wear something sporty. Sniffers and odour fetishists are just as welcome.
2nd Thursday : Big Daddy’s Day – the party for age players young and old, Big Daddy’s and Friends.
3rd Thursday : WellCUM in X-Berg – is the night for bare fuckers and cream lovers – you’ve come to the right place. Consensus is still important and not yet out of fashion!
4th Thursday : Fuck with Unknown ( men in masks ) – the party for anonymous sex, with surprise factor.
5th Thursday : Old School Leather – just fuck and get fucked – Let’s fuck!

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The Club Culture Houze team is pleased to present this party. Suggestions and ideas for the content of this event have come from within the team. Our bartenders also have an awareness function for you. So don’t be afraid to use it if you need to.

Unfortunately, creating safer spaces is only possible through exclusion. For us, appreciative positive behaviour is important; we do not tolerate exclusionary, derogatory and judgmental behaviour. Pay attention to the orientation & read the party description to avoid disappointment at the door.