14. November 2021 @ 19:00 – 15. November 2021 @ 01:00


our queer BDSM meeting 1x a month on Sundays, hosted by

SLUterday …is the focus of the new sexpositive BDSM Sunday evening event with MokMok.
Tonight we like to communicate about BDSM, it should be a give and take, looking and doing, chasing and hitting.
All people with an open sexuality are welcome to feel addressed.
well-meaning sexualities and in-betweens, all orientations and practices within the framework of SSC.
Non-verbal glory hole disciples are not welcome,
We want good food, not fast food!
In the middle of it instead of just being there, we are looking forward to you


Start 19:00 h

19:40: Get to know each other round

Afterwards there is plenty of time to play and chat.

0:00 am: Time is up – we kick you out mercilessly

Admission: 25,- € ( incl. 10,- € for drink )

Dresscode: Crossover, Fetish, Kinky, Colourful and Different

Attention !!!  2 G + Corona conditional adjustments:                                    Status 04.03.2022

  • Bring your electronic vaccination certificate or convalescent certificate, as well as an ID document and a daily updated test.  A booster as a test substitute is no longer sufficient.
  • If all else fails, you can get a test from us for 5,-€, please plan 20 min time for it.
  • When you enter the club, please put on your mask and disinfect your hands.
  • You will find the current hygiene concept clearly visible in the entrance area, please adhere to these regulations so that we can continue this event for a long time, and even more…..
  • We would be happy about a soli contribution.

We look forward to seeing you