Thank you very much for your support and solidarity so far. By doing so we have made it so far! Thank you all once again very much.

We have renovated and rebuilt a lot and are looking forward to meet you Every Sunday from 10-22:00 o’clock we organize our Sunday Café, with breakfast, cake and snack, so that we can cover at least a part of the fixed costs ourselves. On Saturday the 25th of July we invite you to the Cinema Café. Terrace and kitchen are open until 22:00, after that you are welcome to sit in.

Further help has been applied for and will give us some time to get through. If you like to come by for a coffee, you can support us and finally see some familiar faces again. Also our ‘donation pussy’ is happy about attention. Or press the Paypal button.

We have renovated a lot and are looking forward to meet you again and to inspire you in a different way until we can hopefully organize our usual parties soon.
For all of you who don’t have or use Paypal we have an account number. Please just write a little message and I will send you the data. Intended purpose please only ‘ support ‘.

All my best and keeps healthy, with you, we’ll make it further.
Thanks Veronika & Team