Thank you my dear supporters

We are starting slowly, small but mighty, with reduced events, regulars’ tables and the like. It is unclear whether further federal and state aid will be granted or is planned. If you have the possibility to support us, it will help us a lot, because it will take a while until we can organise our events in the club as usual.

For all those who don’t have or don’t use Paypal, we also have an account number. Please just write a little message and I will send you the data. Please use only ‘ support ‘ as the reason for payment.

Our tender theme evenings, regulars’ tables and meetings will not be able to keep us afloat. But it lifts the spirits and we are very much looking forward to seeing familiar and new faces. Even small paths are more beautiful when you walk them together. Come with us until we can tread old paths again.

With your help we will also make it further.
Thanks Veronika & Team