Support, Hey my saviours

Thank you so much for looking in here. We are working on a helpful thank you so much for coming in. We are working on a helpful support to guide the Culture Houze through this difficult time. We are not allowed to ask for donations in the classical sense, so we are working on a shop.

Then you can support us a little bit to reduce the financial burden on all of usYou are welcome to give us some support to ease the financial burden that is currently on all of us. Up to now there is only the Paypal link where you can send money without any problems until our shop hopefully goes online.

We have also prepared an event to repay all loans and deferrals as quickly as possible. Please come in large numbers to our rescuer party hopefully on Thursday 18.06.2020 and then every 3rd Thursday until the club is back in safe haven.

Thank you very much for the positive encouragement and your support. Unfortunately, we will need your help even more in the coming weeks.With warm regards

All my best and keeps healthy

Veronika & Team