Wild Weekend

9. November 2019 @ 21:00

It will be WILD!
Wild Weekend a sex party for couples and singles of all legal sexual orientations

Admission  for couples , man 30,- € /  for women 20,- € (incl. 10,00 € for drinks)

Whether Poly Vanilla, naked in bondage, rapeplay in rubber it becomes “multisexual” indeterminate and unpredictable. The wonderful – unpredictable human nature, wild and exuberant.
Every desire is desired and together we create a safer space in which everyone can feel comfortable and enjoy themselves.
Detached from any concretisation, new facets of lust … just a wild weekend pleasure. An evening for new experiences, for the enrichment of sexual preferences. Break your constraints and surrender to the spell of the unknown. It is never too late for something new!
Of course there is a nice bar area where you can just chat.
However, the Houze offers on 2 floors enough space for your desire and is equipped with various gyn chairs, slings, sunbathing lawns, buck, cross and love swings and of course a cozy bar to relax and socialize.
It´s never to late for something new!

Selected outfit is a must for a good party! Sexy, transparent, sinful, vicious with chic shoes. Naked with sleek sneakers. Lingerie or frivolous with extravagant overknies … It is important that YOU feel comfortable, but others also with you!