The ABC of S.E.X.__B__

9. October 2021 @ 14:00 – 19:00

The ABC of S.E.X.__B__

Today : B = Butches & Breasts

Once a month we invite you to the ABC of Sex. Each month a different letter, from A for Anal & Aftercare to Z for Time & Zones.

The workshops are a mixture of practice and theory. What should you know about the topics? Body knowledge, techniques, tactics, no-go’s, yes-please’s, communication about it, exchange… How do you best go about performing ABC-XYZ? What do you have to bear in mind?

Individual knowledge requests are welcome: you can hand them in (anonymously) at the bar or simply ask them during the workshop.

Workshop speakers: will change depending on the topic.


14:00 – 14:30: Admission

15:00: Official start of the workshop

17:30: End of the workshop

Until 19:00: Culture Houze is still open for you to try out. Have fun! Good luck!

Admission: 55 € ( incl. 5 € for drink )

Workshops open for FLINT*++

Today : B = Butches & Breasts

Grasping butchy breasts with beery verve

The butch, the butches – oh, those masculine lesbians! So so hot! Do you find that too? This masculine in the feminine. Or rather: this awareness of it, the play with it, the transgression of norms and boundaries. The toughness that is needed to protect against attacks, because falling outside the norm is punished. The tenderness that is called for as a contrast to this, in order not to go through life completely and utterly tough. Hard-soft, man-woman. Or the other way round? What is masculine about butches, what is masculine at all? How do you* play with it, practically?

Because breasts – they exist too. What do butches do with them? Do they let you touch them, touch them? How? Breast eroticism. Treat female breasts in a masculine way. Ah, the muscles! Exploring muscles & letting them play, basking in appreciation, felt & real. And all this as a workshop – will be exciting! Hot, hot, hot.

Here’s to a booby-hot butch exploration at Culture Houze – yeah!

Corona notice:

  • When you enter the club, please put on your mask and disinfect your hands. Bring your vaccination/health certificate or an actual corona test.
  • There is also a registration requirement each time you visit.
  • You can move around freely without being assigned a place. If you can’t keep the 1.5m distance here, please put on your masks.
  • Only people from two households and / or ( polyamorous ) cohabitation are invited to participate in erotic or physical play, with sexual exchange and without distance or masks.
  • More than one person may participate in physical-erotic or sexual exchange with a mask.
  • All rooms are equipped with an exhaust and supply air system, or we have retrofitted appropriate air filter and ventilation systems.