The ABC of S.E.X.__A__

13. November 2021 @ 14:00 – 18:00

The ABC of S.E.X__A__

Once a month we open the Culture Houze doors to the alphabet: The ABC of S.E.X. A different letter each month, from A as in Anfangen (getting started) to Z Zeit (time).

The workshops are:

  • Hands-on: practice, explore, stop & go, take rests as needed, continue – find your own timing
  • What to keep in mind to create a great experience for everyone involved, when going through the alphabet like that?
  • What does your body need to know? Techniques, tactics, no-go’s, yes-please’s, communication, exchange …
  • How best to talk about lust, pleasure, desire?
  • Last but not least: feeling shy, inhibited, blocked – now what?

Individual requests for knowledge boosts very much welcome: please hand in your questions at the bar (also anonymously), or simply ask them out aloud during the workshop.

Registration necessary! Get your ticket here:

Tickets in pre-sale reduced price ( 70,- €)
At the door: 80,- €  ( plus 10,- € for drinks) Ticket availabilty at door not guaranteed, so please book ahead of time

Maximum of 8 participants to ensure time and space and individual attention – attention for your very individual process of un-learning and re-learning. S*xual patterns, sexuality – yourself, ultimately. Re-define, grow, explore.


14 – 14:30: Admission

15:00: Official start of the workshop

18:00: End of the workshop

If there is an evening event afterwards at Culture Houze, you’re welcome to stay for an additional fee of 5,- €, to practice further. Enjoy!

Workshops open for FLINT*++

Today: A as in Anfangen (Initiating)

Just how to go about it? How do I start? How do I connect? Meet partners, communicate, all that?

… how, oh how?

Having sex again – finally! So so good! Only: How do you get there? Where do you meet partners, how do you connect with them? Say Hi? Be open and daring rather than shy? How to step out of your comfort zone? How to risk the risk of rejection?

Isn’t it better to lean back and wait? For somebody to come along? For an option, a person, a space, a miracle?

Initiating/ Anfangen!

Stop longing, start acting. Come on: DIY! Do it yourself. Be active rather than passive – take it into your own hands. Stop waiting and depending on others for fulfillment. It’s as simple as that.

Yet most of us have learnt – and this bugger capitalist society enforces it – that somebody else is the provider, giving us what we want & need & desire. That we don’t have a choice but to hope and wait, finally consume. Take only what others made for us & thought/ decided is best.

Let’s unlearn.

Let’s re-learn. Let’s step back from consuming, let’s create together. New options – your very own options. Let’s explore: What do you want? Do you actually know? Are you good at voicing your desires? At communicating them to potential partners? (And where do find partners, anyway? Apart from in this workshop:-?)

How do you make the first step? Say Hi? Say more than just “hi!”? Especially when facing this oh so hot person you absolutely want to get laid by?


We’ll figure it out – at least we’ll try!

I as in Initiating. Getting started.

(… and then continuing:-) with I as Intensifying Workshop on 27. November 2021!)

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