Squirt du Soleil

9. September 2022 @ 13:00 – 18:00

On saterday 9th of september 2023 Squirt du Soleil goes Folsom Berlin. We will organise a WLINTA party.

from 13.00 till 18.00 h
The place to socialize, meet new people, play, enjoy, watch, but above all be yourself.

WLINTA =Womxn, Lesbian, Intersexed, Non-Biniary, Transgender, A-gender, Women, trans, Non-Biniary and intersexed persons who respect and feel that they have links to the women’s community. CIS gender men who live their lives as men are NOT invited and cross-dressing/TV alone does not give access to the parties (no TV/CD).
BPOC and trans women are explicitly and warmly welcome at Squirt du Soleil events.
If you are not shure that you belong to this group, then please send us an email.

The entrance fee
€ 25,00 (including € 10,00 drinktab ) with advance payment
€ 27,50 (including € 10,00 drinktab) when paying at the door. Only possible when you are registered.
(If that is too much let us know and we will try to help you get in, and we can always use an extra hand, to prepare for the party).

We encourage creative and sex-positive dress up (not necessarily Leather or latex!!). We would like you to come in the outfit that makes you feel comfortable and sexy.

What you need to bring: this is a DIY event, so bring your own toys.

At 14.00h we do an introductionround, where you can put yourself in the spotlight or discover that lovely person is maybe a match for ……..

To sign up for this play party and/or to ask for information, send an email to

Just to be clear about payment options: Club Culture Houze has no pin or credit card possibilities, they only accept cash money.
We will provide some snacks, but we would appreciate it if everyone will bring some more food.
This way we don’t have to play hungry.

We want you to register atleast 1 week in advance, so that we can send you all the information. email Or if you want to ask a question. also send an email.

Covid policy:
A Covid test is not needed before attending Squirt Du Soleil (SdS).
If you want to wear a medical mask at SdS, that’s fine (for Covid OR kink purposes!).
We will keep the venue as well ventilated as possible during the party.
Healthcare for others is also an important issue = Consent to care for other peoples health

Safesex policy:
Safe sex Policy:
We advise with all sexual activity to protect yourself and others.
We provide gloves & condoms to reduce the risk of transmitting or acquiring sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

Accessibility of party venue
Unfortunately the venue is not wheelchair accessible.
The venue is difficult to access for people with mobility impairments.
There is no disabled toilet and the toilets are in the basement

The Club Culture Houze offers enough space for all sports enthusiasts on 2 floors and is equipped with various gyn chairs, slings, buck, cross and play areas. Of course there is also a nice bar area where you can just chat. Smoking room, video room are available as well as a massage corner.

The journey to the venue is possible by public transport
It is possible to park near the venue for a fee.
The lighting in the playing rooms is provided by weak ambient lighting
There are some different colored lights, the main game areas are relatively dark and the hallways are lit with low ambient light
The music is usually electro or trance style music, but it’s in the background rather than the main focus and isn’t particularly loud

The play areas are kept open.
The smoking area is in the basement and is rather small, well ventilated and has fans and air filters. The toilet facilities and shower are also in the basement.
The whole club has air exchangers and a ventilation system on the roof.

Homophobia, misogyny, racism, ableism, classism and transphobia will not be tolerated at Squirt Du soleil events.

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Club Culture Houze is only providing the venue and bar for this event. The wording, pricing, intent and content are based on the ideas and responsibilities of the hosts of this event.