Special Bi-Night

30. January 2021 @ 21:00

Special Bi-Night

Bi sex party gay, lesbian, straight

This special starts today at 21:00h Prices for Eve 20,-€ ( or one apple ), Adam 30,-€ ( Incl. 10,-€ for drinks ), Couples 40,-€ ( Incl. 15,-€ for drinks )

This special Bi-Night is dedicated to our couples and singles with Bi-Interest, detached from everyday life.
In order to be sexually free, it is especially important on this evening to allow room for new and familiar experiences. We try to create a safe space with you in which bisexuality can be experienced with the same naturalness as homo-hetero sexuality, for all people regardless of gender.
Colourful mixed with each other – for oneself, for two, for three, for …. may our separate and open playgrounds be ready for your lust between men & men – women & women and all together.
An evening of versatility to live out all sexual orientations. Make new contacts at our cosy bar, live your passion in our wicked play areas. Gynaecological chairs, slings, sunbathing lawns, cross, buck and much more want to be played by you on two floors. Here is the room for your lust.
Respectful handling, value-free space and saferspace are especially important today!

All Genders, All Sexualities, Bi – Hetero – Homo oriented people
singles and couples – free spirits, hedonists, self-determined – pleasure-loving people

Outfit is a must at a good party !
Sexy, transparent, sinful, vicious with fancy shoes.
Naked with horny sneakers.
Lingerie or frivolous with extravagant overknees …
It is important that YOU feel good, but others also with you!
You can change after your arrival at Houze.