23. November 2019 @ 21:00


The young BDSM party for MGIT* of the starts with the

1st admission: 21:00 pm- 22:00 pm

2nd admission from 23:30 pm

Admission: 19,-€ ( incl. 5,-€ for drinks ).


Bang! Boom! SMash!

Here it goes to the point. Bond, fetish, sex, SM. Whether Twink, Hunk, type next door or DILF in you is a superhero … or you in one. The game with power and control, with overpowering and submission or simply animal instincts… Kinky orgy or discreet in separete? Why not both? Let the muscles play or the whip. Everything can be nothing must, but everything only consensual!

As an introduction we do an introduction and introductory round. Especially newcomers we recommend to come here. We also invite you to a small exchange of experiences and to try out new things. In order not to be constantly disturbed by new players, we close the doors and only open them again for new players from 00:00 o’clock.

MGIT = Men, Gays, Inter- and Transsexuals

Toys can be brought along.

Dress code: We do NOT have a fixed dress code, but we would like to have suitable clothing. Harness, shirtless, sexy outfits or fetish are welcome. It is important that YOU feel well. You can change after your arrival at the Houze.

Who appears as a superhero (or villain) gets a free shot at the bar.

The gay-BDSM-Team is looking forward to seeing you!