Lot Dance – Saviour Party

26. September 2020 @ 12:00 – 27. September 2020 @ 00:00

Lot Dance our little Saviour Party

Finally, there’s something at Club Culture Houze again! More than just coffee and cake, although we have made immense progress with our food menu – but it’s time for some sexy energy again.

We invite you to dance by lot!

Lottery tickets and dance, both full of energy

Generous supporters* have given us presents: sometimes a dildo, sometimes a whip, sometimes sexy clothes, and then also the main prize: a night for two persons in the SIN Berlin, the SM flat which is furnished in a relevant way. There you can go there with your partner*in and have a great time for one night.

For all these great things there are tickets. Unit price 10,- €. Every ticket wins, even if it is “only” drinks at the Culture Houze. There are no rivets. But there are even more chances – we have 80 tickets; first come, first served.

But only one raffle would be boring – so we came up with something else: Dance with your headphones! and other interesting offers.

It goes like this: Joey, dancer*in, brought headphones, two pieces. On both you can hear the same music. You get one headphone, Joey keeps one – and the intimacy capsule is ready. Dive away from the world; dive into music, into movement, into sensual dancing. Whether you dance with him or just look – you and Joey decide spontaneously.

You can give Joey your music wishes beforehand; and then make a donation to Joey for her*s services.


The headphones have a range of 10 metres, so it can go in both directions: physically close, as close as it is fitted, or at a distance. Again, you decide what you prefer. Either way: a truly unique experience; we have tried it ourselves.

You can also come to the Culture Houze on this day without tickets or dancing, enjoy the best company, breathe in some disreputable air, catch a glimpse of Joey’s headphone intimacy, or send your gaze in a different direction to other guests. We hope it will be as full as possible with the current hygiene rules. It goes without saying that we comply with them; more detailed information will be posted on site.

All proceeds will be used to stabilise our club.

The entrance is free of charge.