{lesbian}{trans2}Good Naked Party!

30. October 2022 @ 19:00

Good Naked Party!

From 2 pm entry for women only*_ lesbian_intersexual_nonbinary_trans*

for 14,-€ ( plus 6,-€ minimum drink consumption), we still use the classic cash payment method.

In July we had it for the first time ever, our Gute Nackt-Party, on a Saturday afternoon. Today is the first time we invite you to Gute Nackt on a Sunday evening. Come celebrate with us again; let’s turn Sunday into Good Night/ Good Naked as well.

Naked? Yes – but only as a starter. Get naked when you arrive, except for one piece of clothing that you may keep on your body.

But only one piece!

The rest of your clothes you’ll have to hand over to us, and earn them back, piece by piece.

Earning back your clothes works like this:

__ (It’s a secret! Come on over! It’ll be great!).

And in the meantime, before you’ve earned all your clothes back: party! A good one: Good naked/ night party, the first edition ever – come on over!

7pm until … well, untill we’re all dressed again!
The earlier you come, the more mischievous our challenges for getting your clothes back. (Or gentler, depending on what you’re into. After all, we don’t want to intimidate you, we just want you naked!)

Being naked: That seems to be kind of hard for many women*, lesbians, inter, trans*, non-binary people. Why, actually? We are all naked, “we’re all born naked, the rest is drag” (Diane Torr, Drag King & performance artist). So off with your clothes – and then back on!

Your clothes, that one piece you get to keep in the beginning: your choice! Feel free to wrap a feather boa around your legs, or bring your favorite leather harness. Or boxer shorts, or a button down-shirt, or a hat and a tie and nothing else – as you like. Welcome!