Lesbian Assisted Drinking

4. December 2021 @ 14:00 – 19:00

Lesbian Assisted Drinking

Supervised drinking by women for women*.

We open the Culture Houze for FLINT* with a little get-together. We call it Supervised Lesbian Drinking – extremely exciting actually, because none of us in the team on site actually drinks 😉

All the better to look after you – come along and finally get a taste of Culture Houze again!  We are looking forward to meeting you after such a long time at Culture Houze.

15,-€ admission (incl. 5,-€ for drinks) 

Admission 14-14:30 only for FLINT*++

15:00: Get to know each other round, with the possibility to socialise

Lesbian supervised drinking is a talk and sex party for women, lesbians, trans people and intersex people who are experienced, want to open up more or are shyly pushing their first buds and have no experience with sex parties yet.

Those who come hopping into the club and already know in which corners with whom the next hours are to be spent pleasurably can get started right away. Those who prefer to take it slow are also in good hands. After admission, there is a short tour of the club for those who don’t know it yet. After that we offer a warm-up. There will be plenty of laughing, flirting, fibbing and gambling.

Those who have had enough of talking at the bar can change levels with like-minded people at any time.
Those who prefer to enjoy the sexy sound with coffee and lemonade may sink relaxed into the cushions.
Those who would like to use the lube for an extended neck massage will surely find willing support for that as well.

This party is open to everything that contributes to a lustful, erotically relaxed and happy afternoon.

7pm: Time’s up – we’re kicking you out so you can get more out of the weekend. Make sure you spend some quality time with us.

If you’ve never been to Houze before, it’s a great chance to get to know the place, say hello – and even start fantasising about future events.

Attention !!! at the moment , Corona conditional adjustments:

  • Please understand that we can only realise this party as a 2G version.
  • Use the corresponding registration form and bring it printed out with you. Gästeregistrierung, or use the Corona Warn App or Luca App as an alternative on site, this will save time at the entrance.
  • Bring your electronic vaccination certificate or convalescent certificate, as well as an identification document.
  • When you enter the club, please put on your mask and disinfect your hands.
  • All rooms are equipped with an exhaust and supply air system, or we have retrofitted appropriate air filter and ventilation systems.
  • We reserve the right to cancel reservations / events at short notice due to the current situation.
  • The current hygiene concept is clearly visible in the entrance area, please adhere to these regulations so that we can continue to hold this event for a long time, and even more…..
  • Please adhere to these regulations so that we can continue to hold this event for a long time to come, and even more…..
  • We would appreciate a contribution so that we can soon steer Culture Houze into a financially safe harbour, our fundraising snatch would be delighted.