ForteForte Pirate Edition!

23. April 2023 @ 19:00 – 24. April 2023 @ 01:00

Today we turn our ForteForte film afternoon into an evening party: ForteForte Pirates Edition!
23. April 2023

Instead of the usual Saturday, ForteForte in April will take place on Sunday, 23.4.

Doors open 7pm, film screening around 8pm, party until all pirates are too tired to party

We found a treasure: a 30 year old dyke pirate movie! Maybe it’s the very first lesbian pirate movie ever, who knows. It features pirates, of course, a great ship, a map for hunting treasures, blood and tears and sword fights and sex and love and death – all the ingredients for a truly stunning pirate experience.

“Herzblut” by Alex Hai
b/w, 33min, filmed in 1982

To make it even greater, we’ll only accept pirates and related beautys in the club for the night. Expect to be tied to our whipping pole and get flogged in true pirate style if you don’t show up dressed appropriately. Please note: You will NOT be whipped if you forget your pirate outfit just in order to get whipped.

ForteForte goes Pirat!

Film Screening

Doors open 7pm
Ticket: 15 €, plus 7 € minimum drink consumption, we still use the classic cash payment method.
incl. nibbles

Forte Forte
FLINTA* Films & Talk & Lounging & Play & Sex Party
led and presented by ForteForte Team

(Queer) Feminist films of desire from the archives of the Schwules Museum Berlin  (Gay Museum) and other hidden sources. We have collected new, old, forgotten. Seen what’s missing and has to be found elsewhere. We invite women*, trans, nonbinary and intersex people to an inspired shared movie experience, where we want to let the images work, learn more about FLINT desire, production conditions and motivations. Our guest for the talks after the screenings: filmmakers, producers, performers, depending on availabitly.

While we show the film(s) in the film room, the rest of the club is open for all you sexy FLINTA* people to lounge, play, party, enjoy yourself in all the play areas.


6. May 2023

„Mommy is coming“ (2012; Engl. with German subtitles). Various guests from the movie.

24. Juni 2023,
too bougie to handle“ The new You Tube series by Monika Freinberger. Guest: director and actor Monika Freinberger + team

2. September 2023, 2-7pm
Because it was so nice, we will show you a surprise film today and want to discuss it with you…We organisers will be guests, and we have already invited other exciting people.

4. November 2023, 2-7pm

and to be continued in 2024:
6. Januar 2024, 2-7pm

Location: Club Culture Houze – one of the few sex clubs in Berlin run by women*. With FLINT events every Saturday, well equipped so also for sexy shenanigans in between, before, after, during the film ( but for some attention and thoughtful consideration of the material is asked ). Not to forget the talk with the filmmakers and other guests.