FLI*T* chen

10. October 2020 @ 14:00 – 19:00


In the 18th century, “Flittchen” were “loose girls”, flirting, bed hopping floozies. And in the 21st century? Still, but not only girls: also grown women, lesbians, inter-, trans- and non-binary people flirt-flatter and hop around – at our new FLI*T*chen event.

Come and flitter-flutter-hop with us!

Once a month we offer our location to you FLI*T*chen, provide room and shelter to meet and great and get to know each other, to slapper, to dapper, to philander, to flirt, feel and touch … or to simply lean back and enjoy the sight, sound, smell and company of others flitter-flatter-floating through the Culture Houze in true FLI*T*chen manner.

We’re keeping our FLI*T*chen event corona safe, sticking to current rules & safety measurements. To do so in style, we’ve adapted the German “Flitterwochen”, “honeymoon”, to our needs. 

A Honeymoon is the weeks after meeting, falling in love, getting married. At our FLI*T*chen event the honeymoon is just a few hours rather than weeks, and it works like that: 

2-2:30pm: Doors open & admission

3:00pm: Our FLI*T*chen introduction round: Say Hallo to all FLI*T*chen aboard the event, and decide which one(s) you want to spend your honeymoon with. You may choose a maximum of five other FLI*T*chen – the current corona measurements allow for a maximum of six people in a (flitter) group, see notes below.

Off you go – flitter, flatter!

7pm: Time is up, and we will throw you out of the flitter-flatter room, mercilessly – we need to air out the Culture Houze. 

Our super ventilation system blows the flittered air up to the top of the roof and draws in new air from there for following events/ our Sunday café.

Entrance fee: 15 €

incl. 5 € drink ticket


A maximum of 5 people is allowed in a group – this is what the current corona regulations say. So you’ll have to limit yourself to a maximum of 4 flitter partners. 

The current corona ruling also says: sexual intercourse is not allowed, whereas “intercourse” is defined as penis-penetrating. No problem for us FLI*T*chen, is it? Because with our queer, non-binary, feminist etc. identities we’re sure to come up with many other sexy possibilities than that simple “in-and-out” type of intercourse. And anyways: intercourse isn’t what our FLI*T*chen event is about. Rather, we want to celebrate sexy energy itself, flirt, flitter,glitter, flatter, float, feel and simply be, enjoy. All of this in a safe manner – so here are our corona safety measurements once more:

  • You’ll have to wear a mask inside at all times, except when you’re placed at your/ your groups place of choice
  • A maximum of 5 people to a group
  • No wandering off from group to group – decide and stick
  • You’ll have to give us your name and email address and/ or phone number for possible corona tracing, as everywhere in bars, restaurants etc. these days. We’ll provide single sheets of paper, no one else will see your data, and we’ll throw it out after the mandatory 4 weeks of keeping it 
  • Finally: please register for FLI*T*chen, so we can plan ahead and make sure the event doesn’t get crowded. Registration per email to

FLI*T*chen: for women, lesbians, trans, inter, non-binary, for bitches, butches, dykes and divas, bois and femmes, gentlewomen and dildomen … the list is long. You’ll fit in, so come along!