FLINT*+ Games Afternoon

16. October 2021 @ 14:00 – 19:00

FLINT*+ Wins the Women’s* Games Afternoon

The game day of women for women*+ We want to play entertaining, funny and exciting games together around the topic of SEX. Above all, it’s about sex with and among women.

We have developed extra games, collected old and funny ones, now all we need to do is laugh together and have fun together.

This is how our games afternoon works:

Admission 14-14:30

15:00 Get to know each other:

15:30 Let’s go! The games are waiting. Let’s play together.

19:00 Time’s up – we’ll kick you out mercilessly and give this playful place a good airing.

Admission: 17,- € ( incl. 5,- € for drinks )

How can you participate?

Just drop by 🙂 Registration is NOT required, please note the following information.


Attention !!! at the moment , Corona conditional adjustments and limited number of participants:

  • for events with a limited number of participants we would appreciate a voluntary contribution. For this purpose we have set up a donation box ( snatch ).
  • Please use the corresponding registration form and bring it printed out with you. Guest registration, or use the Corona Warn App as an alternative on site, this will save time at the entrance.
  • Bring a daily updated test or your vaccination certificate or convalescent certificate as well as an ID document.
  • When you enter the club, please put on your mask and disinfect your hands.
    You are free to move around. Should you not be able to keep the 1.5 m distance here, please put on your mask.
  • All rooms are equipped with an exhaust and supply air system, or we have retrofitted appropriate air filter and ventilation systems.
  • We reserve the right to cancel reservations / events at short notice due to the current situation.
  • The current hygiene concept is clearly visible in the entrance area, please adhere to these regulations so that we can continue to hold this event for a long time, and even more…..