{lesbian}{trans2}Forte Forte

28. May 2022 @ 14:30 – 18:00

Forte Forte

(Queer) Feminist films of desire from the archives of the Schwules Museum Berlin  (Gay Museum).

We have collected new, old, forgotten.
Seen absent, that will be found elsewhere.
We invite women*, trans, nonbinary and intersex people to inspiring shared show experiences, where we want to let the images work, learn more about desire, production conditions and motivations. From the filmmakers and producers.

Admission: binding donation 15,- €
incl. nibbles and 1. drink ( 0,2L softdrink )
The money goes to the organization Women in Exile

Start of the series:

May 28, 2022

Manuela Kay: Airport (1994), 33 min
Krista Beinstein/Ulrike Zimmermann: Free Fucking (1985), 18 min
Ulrike Zimmermann: Lust im Haushalt (1991), 12 min, dt with engl.UT

Guest: Manuela Kay, Ulrike Zimmermann and Krista Beinstein
We try to have the filmmakers on site, or other sexy-film-experiencers

Stimulating images from decades of moaning on the big screen.
Every 4th Saturday of the month (then 25.6., 23.7., 20.8., 24.9., 22.10., 26.11.2022),
always same time, same place. Info to follow …

Location: Club Culture Houze – one of the few sex clubs in Berlin run by women*. With FLINT events every Saturday, well equipped so also for sexy shenanigans in between, before, after, during the film ( but for some attention and thoughtful consideration of the material is asked ). Not to forget the talk with the filmmakers and other guests.


Admission Notes from Club Culture Houze:
Finally, there are no more restrictions. We don’t think it will stay like this. So check back here every now and then to make sure everything fits.
We trust in the sanity of each individual, because with you we create a safer space, in which we all want to feel comfortable.
If you have hay fever, please bring a daily test to make sure we let you in. If you have cold symptoms, please cure yourself at home.
We will take your body temperature at the entrance.

Please note, we still use the classic cash method of payment and tipping is an old-fashioned but friendly sign of appreciation. Credit card payment is not possible with us.
Welcome to the event
We look forward to seeing you