{lesbian}{trans2}Forte Forte

25. June 2022 @ 14:30 – 18:00

Forte Forte, led and presented by ForteForte Team

(Queer) Feminist films of desire from the archives of the Schwules Museum Berlin  (Gay Museum).

We have collected new, old, forgotten.
Seen absent, that will be found elsewhere.
We invite women*, trans, nonbinary and intersex people to inspiring shared show experiences, where we want to let the images work, learn more about desire, production conditions and motivations. From the filmmakers and producers.

Admission: binding donation 17,- €
incl. nibbles and 1. drink ( 0,2L softdrink )
The money goes to the organization Women in Exile

29.Oktober 2022 
Ceven Knowles is presenting Panopticon II today as a pre-premiere of the Pornfilm-Festival.  To better immerse in his work, he is also showing us Panopticon I . It is a super exciting journey of development. So we take the time to present the artist and to watch and discuss together  the differently produced film. Ceven Knowles will be present as a guest, as well as other  contributors of this film.
26.November 2022
Liz Rosenfeldt:  Stillholes ( 2005/2017 )
Francy Fabritz:  Coming Out Of Space (2016 )
The filmmakers are expected to be there as well.
We will take a break in December and prepare new great films for you and invite more exciting guests in the coming year 2023.
28.January 2023
Because it was soooo nice, we will show you a surprise film today and want to discuss it with you…
We organisers will be guests, and we have already invited other exciting people.
25.February 2023
25.March 2023

Location: Club Culture Houze – one of the few sex clubs in Berlin run by women*. With FLINT events every Saturday, well equipped so also for sexy shenanigans in between, before, after, during the film ( but for some attention and thoughtful consideration of the material is asked ). Not to forget the talk with the filmmakers and other guests.