Cosy Lipzz

17. August 2019 @ 14:30 – 20:00

Cosy Lipzz

1st admission: 2:30pm-3pm,
2nd admission: at 5pm, end of event: 8pm.
Ticket prices: 13,-€ ( 5,-€ for drink drinks incl.), reduced: 10,-€ (according to self-evaluation 5,-€ for drink incl.)

Cosy Lipzz is a regular cuddle and sex party for women, lesbians, transportees and intersexuals who are experienced, who want to open up further or who are shy and have no experience with sex parties.

Dress code: casual, cuddly, comfortable, no jeans and for the second part sexy underwear, sensual, nude.

We explore and cuddle up to everything that allegedly belongs to the prelude or epilogue and quickly declare it the sensual main menu. There are clear rules so that everyone can let themselves in and out of it:

Part 1
After the first admission we will cuddle guided. It is about loving contact, closeness and distance, sensuality, relaxation, security, holding and being held.
In this phase everyone remains attracted. The touches are unintentional, it is not about targeted sexual stimulation, but about giving and receiving touches and tracing them. Of course, this can also be erotic, but it does not have to be.

Part 2
The guided cuddling is slowly finished. Everyone can decide freely and without any obligation how the afternoon continues. You can continue to feel the breath of the others or slip out of your panties in a hurry if it has become a little warm.  You decide if, where, with whom, in which constellation and how to proceed. Much is possible. You make the party your party.

We wish you happy flirting and fucking, laughing and listening, moaning and amazement, twitching and looking!