Change Your Gender

18. June 2024 @ 19:00

Change your Gender                                                                           powerd by CCH

from  7:00pm to 1:00

Admission :   26,-€  ( incl.  10,-€ for Drinks ), in the Club Culture Houze is still classically paid with cash, credit card payment is not possible with us.

Cultivate your OWN >Gender
Be what you are and who you want.
Passive / Active / Sub / Top / Vanilla
Switch in YOUR role!
Men in nylons, women with strap-on, dykes in skirts, femmes with beards, bears in lingerie, faggots in uniform. All and everyone is welcome tonight.
All except the normal.
We want to exclude the heteronormative, binary gender, let’s playfully break a taboo.
If it’s your first time no problem: put tights over your dick or try to hide your breasts, put on a hat or a pearl necklace and pass as a gentle(wo)man.
Come visit us – enrich us with your appearance!
Take part in our play of the genders.

Our club offers a 2 level playground with enough space for your pleasure. We are equipped with various gynecological chairs, Slings, a penalty horse and of course a cozy bar to relax and socialize.
All genders and all body types are welcome.

What we want, you will surely find with a little creativity in your wardrobe. – let your imagination run freely.

For a successful party a suitable outfit is absolutely necessary. It is important that YOU feel well, but others also with you! You can change in the Houze. We do not accept ordinary street clothes!

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From January 2024 Every Tuesday a different party for LGBTQ+ at the HOUZE:
QeerBeet – the party especially for FTM / MTF & Friends
Zoe’s Salon – real afterwork BDSM – sex party without outfit
Change your Gender – play with the genders
Trans & Friends – evening with surprise factor, dress for success.
Changing events…..

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The Club Culture Houze team is pleased to present this party. Suggestions and ideas for the content of this event have come from within the team. Our bartenders also have an awareness function for you. So don’t be afraid to use it if you need to.

Unfortunately, creating safer spaces is only possible through exclusion. For us, appreciative positive behaviour is important; we do not tolerate exclusionary, derogatory and judgmental behaviour. Pay attention to the orientation & read the party description to avoid disappointment at the door.