12. October 2024 @ 20:00

F*CKABLE                                                                        powered by CCH

from 20:00h

Admission 25,-€ ( plus 10,-€ for minimum drink consumption), in the Club Culture Houze is still paid with cash, credit card payment is not possible.

If you want to fuck, you have to be friendly.

Today we are making it easier for you to make contact by allowing you to choose the right ribbons for your sexually fulfilling evening at the entrance.

Each participant will be marked with glow sticks:

Active (left) / Passive (right)
Interest in female readable (yellow)/

in male readable (blue)/

open to any other (green)

( of course the colours can vary depending on the evening )

Choose what suits you and experience an uninhibited evening.

Fuck and be fucked. A lustful romp, even before the next week looms.

This is a party for : All Genders, All Sexualities, Bi – Homo – Hetero ( flexible ) people
Singles and couples
Free spirits, hedonists, self-determined – lustful people

Outfit is a must for a good party!
Sexy, transparent, sinful, vicious with chic shoes.
Naked with hot trainers.
Lingerie or frivolous underwear.
It is important that YOU feel comfortable, but also that others feel comfortable with you!
You can change after your arrival at the Houze.

———— +++++ ——————- +++++ ——————- +++++ ———–

The Club Culture Houze team is pleased to present this party. Suggestions and ideas for the content of this event have come from within the team. Our bartenders also have an awareness function for you. So don’t be afraid to use it if you need to.

Unfortunately, creating safer spaces is only possible through exclusion. For us, appreciative positive behaviour is important; we do not tolerate exclusionary, derogatory and judgmental behaviour. Pay attention to the orientation & read the party description to avoid disappointment at the door.