28. November 2021 @ 20:00


start 20:00h

Revolution Sunday, with Ceven Knowles. BDSM for all !

Entrance: 15,- € ( plus 10,-€ minimum drink consumption)  for all gender, in the Club Culture Houze is still classically paid with cash, credit card payment is not possible with us.

We would appreciate a soli contribution to steer the Culture Houze into a financially safe harbour soon, our donation snatch is happy about it.

Ceven Knowles presents in the Club Culture Houze his monthly a fetish party from for all genders and orientations.
++Come in and find Out!++

This fetish party opens up for everybody who wants to explore whether you’re gay, lesbian, bi, hetero, trans or pansexual, all friends of hedonism are welcome!

Play Strip-PacMan!

Whether alone or as a couple – there is no fixed fetish dress code. But if you arrive with street clothes, you already know what to take off!

Text (c) Martin Schneider
Artwork by Bill Roberts

Admission Notes from Club Culture Houze:
Finally, there are no more restrictions. We don’t think it will stay like this. So check back here every now and then to make sure everything fits.
We trust in the sanity of each individual, because with you we create a safer space, in which we all want to feel comfortable.
If you have hay fever, please bring a daily test to make sure we let you in. If you have cold symptoms, please cure yourself at home.
We will take your body temperature at the entrance.

Please note, we still use the classic cash method of payment and tipping is an old-fashioned but friendly sign of appreciation. Credit card payment is not possible with us.
BDSM for all !

Your Ceven