Ukraine Soli Party

5. March 2022 @ 18:00

Ukraine Soli Party.

Fucking for peace would be in the headline if it wasn’t so damn serious. Also at us the events do not pass without a trace. So we have spontaneously decided to increase all the profits of the evening and also send wages etc. as support to Ukraine.

So let’s come together to celebrate life, drink, fuck or just have a good evening and still think of others who are currently in fear and suffering.

From 20,-€ entrance fee per person ( incl. 10,-€ for drinks ).

You are welcome to adjust the entrance fee upwards to donate as much money as possible to Ukraine. As soon as possible we want to help the local people, who now have to fear and depend on all our help.

Attention !!!  2 G + Corona conditional adjustments:                                    Status 04.03.2022

  • When you enter the club, please put on your mask and disinfect your hands.
  • Bring your electronic vaccination certificate or convalescent certificate, as well as an ID document and a daily updated test.  A booster as a test substitute is no longer sufficient.
  • If all else fails, you can get a test from us for 5,-€, please plan 20 min time for it.
  • You will find the current hygiene concept clearly visible in the entrance area, please adhere to these regulations so that we can continue this event for a long time, and even more…..
  • We would be happy about a soli contribution.